Monday, November 23, 2009

English Language

First thing that i want to told reader is about english..why should we wrote our blog into english? it's very simple formula to get traffic to our blog from all country... is about why have a blog, a free blog for those want to share their ability, idea and etc. For malaysian actually, its not a easy formula, many Malaysian people, very very poor in English language, because the grammar.. for me the grammar is easy, but how we can go through? grammar make sick and without grammar our language become weak and 'rojak' we can go English classes and learn it from news paper, radio station, tV program and etc. For 'ambo', im just learn it from movie and cartoon in tV..its easy right? 'ambo' wrote in English because to increase my blog traffic and can share with all people in the world.. for all blogger, hehehehe..please wrote in english, so we can share a knowledge...yihaaa