Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Fadebar V2.5

Same as version 2, with some minor modifications including some new graphics, sidebar changed from left to right, and music now playing widget.
any suggestions for version 3 are welcome ;)


For Flash Lite 2.x Use Only:

-Extract "Fadebar_V2.5_By_Kaosblade.swf" to images folder on phone/memory card.

-Extract "fadebar" folder to images folder on phone/memory card.

-Place desired wallpaper as "wallpaper.jpg" 240x320 in fadebar folder.

-Place desired slideshow picture as "slide.jpg" 63x51 in fadebar folder.

-Place desired note as "note.txt" in fadebar folder. With desired text as " text="Custom text" ".

-Set "Fadebar_V2.5_By_Kaosblade.swf" as wallpaper and enjoy!

*2.X means that this is compatible with both 2.0 and 2.1 phones.

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For A2 only:

-Transfer "Layout_Main.xml" to TPA/SYSTEM/LAYOUT.

The layout has no clock or date. Fadebar takes care of that!