Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Make Website In Just 30 minutes

It's very simple way to make a website in just 30 minutes. first thing that u should have is (Wordpress, CMS JOOMLA or PHP-Fusion) its up to you guys.

First thing, register to free web hosting like this:
1) 000.webhost.com
2) hyperphp.com
3) 0fees.net
-these webhosting only accept email from gmail and can do only in mozzila firefox 3 and up to date.
-create your "DATABASE"

And u must have FTP to transfer into your database. U can Download It Here.

Better u use a wordpress from wordpress.org and u can download it here.

After u finished download the .rar file of wordpress, extract the file and find wp-config-sample.php and put your 'database usename' ,'password' , 'username' and 'db_host'. save it and rename to 'wp-config.php'.

and then upload it use you filezilla.