Friday, December 4, 2009

Make A Website With CMS JOOMLA

CMS JOOMLA is the best ever to build our own website. Right now so many website are use CMS JOOMLA and why...becoz it's simple and easy. With the modules and plugin (friendly) easy to operate.

For all my post that im wrote, i'll already mention about CMS JOOMLA. All of u can visit my website that i'm use CMS JOOMLA here.

First thing that u should have is your webhosting (free for those want to try)

FTP to transfer and upload the file.

Download the latest CMS JOOMLA here.
Extract the file and then upload into your directory.

After uplode is done, go to browser and type : and our installation will begin.

Read carefully what their need to fullfill the empy box and check it. If something wrong that will be put in the box.

Finally, delete sll installation folder.

now you have your own website.